Making The Move From Freelance To Full Time

Believe it or not, going freelance to full-time brings in a considerable amount of change which requires substantial effort. Many freelancers converting into full-timers feel alienated like a fish out of water. The reason for their alienation is poor preparation and non-revision of their freelancer mindsets. There are some things to consider when making the move from freelance to full-time in order to position yourself for the highs and lows.

Update your communications skills

Whilst in freelance, your communication skills are simple and unsophisticated, just a to and fro between you and your client. But once you convert to full-time, communication channels become convoluted and you have to communicate on what you have finished, acknowledge other ideas that come to surface from other team members and also brush up your digital social skills.

Redefine Productivity

Contrary to freelancing, full-time jobs require for you to perform secondary duties that go beyond finishing your primary project.

You need to pace yourself in order to prevent yourself from burning out because these jobs require your full scale of your skills.

Team Building

To be a Freelancer is mostly a secluded job with no existence of any team other than you. Full timing requires you to communicate with a team, a team with varied mindsets, opinions, thoughts and ideas. You have to find the time to properly accustom yourself to your team which enables efficiency and goodwill.

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Maintaining a solid portfolio

The most obvious point of the lot, maintaining a solid portfolio promotes your profile and increases your chances of landing a full time job in the first place. Make sure to highlight your finest works and promoting your special skills.

Keep a passion project

The key to surviving a full time job is to maintaining your own passion project on the side which also prevents you from burning out. Be it gardening, music, social service, anything that calms you and keeps you breathing(metaphorically). Having a passion project also distracts you from the grim reality of a full time gig.

There’s no doubt that freelancing offers you the freedom lacking in a full time gig, but the financial stability of a full time job is all too appealing. Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, your transition can be seamless.

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Author: Shivangsh Mukherjee
Operations Manager with a background in Media Science, Shivangsh takes care of the digital chores that come his way such as social media management, content writing, copywriting, etc. He has been instrumental in many successful digital campaigns for top brands. Enjoys biding his time by watching and analyzing films and TV shows.

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