Building customer loyalty to your e-commerce store

We know that the tedious task of shortlisting the most lucrative Images for your product, putting them up on your website & ensuring that someone buys from your e-commerce site. And even after this we barely manage to secure a few buyers. Sometimes we are not even certain that they would return. Well, given that kind of effort, do we deserve “few occasional buyers?” Here are some tips for building customer loyalty to your e-commerce store.

So, what is our goal? Let us reiterate – Customer Loyalty. Customer loyalty takes place when the right strategy is in place. The most actionable of any of these strategies is:

1) Customer Service 

As much as the world hates this word, service to your customer especially in case of grievances will be a great asset building activity for a loyal customer base. Grievances are not shortcomings, how you deal with them by being solution-oriented makes your customer return to you again & again.

2) Customer Database 

Today, neither content nor the customer is the king; the “Customer Database” or the Big Data is “THE” thing in our online world. Knowing the lifestyle preferences of your customers by storing your customer data in CRM, helps you to target your customer with the right information he/she needs.  Customer Loyalty ramps up when you deliver to them personalized content (Including automated Birthday wishes) & this in return ensures a returning customer.

3) Customer Loyalty Programs 

Once you have your customer returning take no time in providing exclusive discounts & perks for being loyal. Giving discounts occasionally to those returning customers will only make them more loyal to your product. It is a rewarding practice for both the buyer & seller, as here one purchase something of their liking & the other gets a returning customer through an incentive-based program which could include offering credit points, free deliveries, etc.

3) Customer Feedback 

Customer feedbacks are the bible of any business. By giving customers different options to get in touch with your brand, you make it easier for them to send in comments, feedback & queries. Ensure that you are available on a helpline number, a live chat option or are simply a call away. The lesser the middlemen, the greater the experience for the customer. You never know, a negative feedback might turn into a positive one if you are simply “Reachable”!

4) Retarget Customer

Gently reminding your customer, either about a product in their cart or about products they have browsed is a good way to get customer loyalty. Sometimes, customers genuinely forget to check out from the cart or can plan to go back later so by making use of retargeting advertising you can keep up the trend of personalizing. This is a definite way of building customer loyalty to your e-commerce store.

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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