Digital Marketing: Benefits Over Offline Marketing

Most people are aware that digital marketing which uses the internet to make one’s brand visible to its prospect customers, is more economic and goal-oriented than any means of offline marketing. But going deeper into the facts, it is essential to learn the actual benefits of digital marketing if you really want to control and analyze how every penny of your investment is being spent.


With online advertising and other digital marketing efforts, your main aim is to bring people to your website. Online tools like Google Analytics help you understand your traffic flow and shows exactly how visits you had on your website and what were their sources. Going into more details, you can also find out which devices your visitors are using, and what are the main demographics that had engaged with your content.

This information shall help you take better decisions on strategizing your campaigns and reduce cost. The intelligence gathered from all such reports will also make you a better advertiser and spend more time on the aspects that really require more attention and maximize your ROI.

On the other hand, for offline marketing, it is really difficult to understand how people are actually interacting or engaging with your brand and its communication.

Lead Generation

There are many ways of generating leads for your business online. Social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin offer direct lead generation options for advertisers. If you distribute leaflets or send brochures to random people, you would never know how people actually took a serious look at your offerings. But with online marketing methods of lead generation, emailers and website traffic generation, you can measure the number of views, get email leads and customer contact information within your budget and can calculate your cost per lead.

You can also take further decisions to make changes to lead forms, ad campaign strategy or creatives to improve customer engagement.

Attribution Modelling

Analytical tools like Google Analytics help you look at the visitor flow and identify what led a visitor convert into a customer, and what led the others to drop out. This also makes your decision making easier to modify parts of your website or campaigns to increase conversions. In technical terms, this method of identifying digital touchpoints that led to an event of sales is called Attribution Modelling.


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Author: Utsav Bhanja
Utsav is an entrepreneur and founder of Incfrog. A web designer and digital strategist by profession, he also has a book to his credit.

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