How To Use Content Marketing Effectively

So what is this cliché about “Content is the king”, anyway? A very basic understanding of content marketing could be – Any visual on the internet which is backed up with a copy, called the Post copy or Creative copy becomes your content. Any video, downloadable content, blogs, websites all need a content strategy to exist or sustain so to say. And what is this content strategy? It is your marketing plan for the growth of your business through words. It is not just a way to grow your business but if done right, it also gives you a massive boost from your competition. Here are a few things to the checklist, before you devise a content strategy:

Know your Audience 

To understand your audience a good market research could be taken up, specific to your product. While creating content for the Millennial, Gen X or Gen Z; you have to be categorically distinct in your approach. That’s the first way to sieve your audience.

Why your Product? 

Answer the question as to what problems do your product/ service solve for that specific audience. It is not only important to know what your existing audience wants, but equally important to curate content around those who are still trying to understand their needs, that’s how you target the unknown audience – by creating a need for them.

What content format to use? 

Be it a website, blog, vlog, Q&A forums or social media, find out the best platform for your specified audience. Content Marketing begins where your audience has their eyes glued on; serving them the content on the right platform is mandatory. Think of it like serving a specific beverage in a specific glass, you wouldn’t want to have your beer in a wine glass!

Content Creation

The foremost idea behind Content marketing is to be precise & to focus on a daily dose of something for your audience. Irregular marketing can be a huge loss for your business, as it is the gaps which are mostly bagged by your competitors to go a step ahead of you. Having a well-drafted Content Calendar is important in order to avoid mistakes & also to deliver content on the audience’s feed regularly.

Map your Stats/ Results 

Once you have delivered your content over the entire month, go back to your posts & review it again. This reviewing involves checking the statistics of how well your website/ Social media content/ videos are doing after being delivered to your audience. Sieving the most responsive posts on specific days of the month can help you ascertain your future posts as well. The content strategy for the following month can be made based on your results of the previous month, observing which posts work well for your audience. 

Explore the Platforms 

Today content marketing industry is not limited to websites, the business’ have gone beyond to target their audience over Podcasts & Ebooks, which offer a very human touch to your content delivery. The Ebooks are lead generation tools that a potential customer can download after submitting their contact information. Podcasts work wonders today for those who are short of time & always on the go, to reinforce your ideas it is a fine platform to promote your content.

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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