The Effectiveness Of Email Marketing Campaigns

“You’ve got mail!” The only time that phrase sounded good to the ears was when we watched this movie! With the lockdown & our world going gaga over emails, we all shrug at the sheer mention. But hey! Do you own a business? Do you serve your clients online?  Do your clients love new products? Do you have a story to tell? Well, if you could checkbox even one of the above, email marketing is an all-encompassing marketing strategy.

Wondering How? The effectiveness of email marketing campaigns is so pervasive that you don’t merely become a part of someone’s inbox, but you remain a part for a long time until you stop being interesting as a brand. The most important aspect of email strategy is matching the content with the interests of your recipients. So like every other social media strategy you have to know your recipient audience on emails. Lack of relevant information about your target recipients is one of the major drawbacks of email marketing. Once you know what your recipients want, your content will compel them to reach to your CTA (Call to Action).

Unlike social media where businesses have to engage their audience so that they can become potential customers, emails can directly leverage sales as they are meant for a known audience.

Email marketing can be done in the form of various campaigns based on your subscriber lists & the subject of your email.  Marketing strategies on an email can be for commercial purpose when we want immediate impulsive buyers to become conversions. It could also be a loyalty program for your select customers, based on their buying history & brand loyalty. The last being an informational email, which can involve good storytelling through pictures & select words.

According to a survey, every individual has an email today, even if they are not on social media platforms. So that means each individual on planet earth would have an email account to be reached out on. That is the omnipresence of email marketing. And yes, with this omnipresence comes the biggest challenge of retaining your customers. The bombardment of emails by brands can be challenging for recipients to process. Spamming the inbox of potential customers & regular emails, make for no strategy as far as email marketing is concerned. To begin, segment your audience depending on their response through an A/B testing method. Once you have figured which days & time fetched you maximum click-through rate, you freeze only those days for shooting emails.

That is how you get a ROI on email strategies which are made for your customers. No business without a good marketing plan can find a way out of being a click away from “Unsubscribe.” To avoid that catastrophe one must understand the power of having omnipresence & at the same time having respect for someone’s time & space. Create such campaigns which will retain your customers & keep your click-through rate, on an all-time high!

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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