The Importance Of SSL Certificates

In this fast-paced digital world, thousands of competent hackers have made it necessary to improve today’s cybersecurity. Hackers are constantly looking for weak spots and loopholes in various websites in order to breach their security and do their dirty deeds. The solution is installing SSL Certificates on the web-server.

SSL Certificates are digital files that encrypt data between the web server and web host to prevent interference from malicious third-parties.

Communication has become easy due to the growth of digital space along with the sharing of sensitive information such as – Banking details and login credentials. Leak of such information can result in some hefty damage which is why it is necessary for almost every website to acquire an SSL Certificate especially if one is collecting personal information. Even though your website does not collect personal data, it is advisable to get yourself an SSL encryption to add valuable security and create digital trust among your customers.

Advantages of an SSL encryption:

  • SEO boost – which means that your website will do better in the search engine rankings.
  • Better customer conversion – The SSL encryption is seen by a potential customer on the top left of the page creates trust and safety.
  • Higher ad revenues – Getting an SSL certificate prevents ISPs from stealing your Ad revenues by injecting their own ads.

Thus, an SSL certificate is of utmost importance for your website for better security, digital trust, SEO rankings and overall better brand image.

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Author: Shivangsh Mukherjee
Operations Manager with a background in Media Science, Shivangsh takes care of the digital chores that come his way such as social media management, content writing, copywriting, etc. He has been instrumental in many successful digital campaigns for top brands. Enjoys biding his time by watching and analyzing films and TV shows.

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