The Power Of Blogging

An evolution from online diaries/ personal pages to “blog,” was not until 1997. The term “weblog” was coined by John Barger of the influential blog, Robot Wisdom, to describe such sites. These blog evolved from “a techie’s space” to a journalist’s blog on Hurricane Bonnie & it was followed by the creation of Open Diary in 1998, a blogging platform accessible to regular people, regardless of their tech experience. And the rest remains history.

With the advent of individual blogging space & websites, by 2003 people began to monetize their blogs with Google AdSense. Blogs are not simply a way to earn money with good content; it is a spectacular tool for conversions. The most beneficial aspect of blogs is its importance to marketing. In 2020, according to a survey, 85% of B2C companies and 91% of B2B companies use blogs for content marketing purposes. It is vital for companies to have an all-pervasive presence via blogs. And before you begin to ask “What is the ROI of blogging?”…we have the perfect answer by Hubspot. The report says that 92% of companies that blog, have acquired customers directly from it.

To be honest, generating leads is just a step, but getting conversions directly, is a dream come true. A strategic blog can fetch you those right customers at the right time. And how do you implement a strategy in blogs? Well, you research. A blog without good research is futile. Researching on popular terms & questions related to your business will be the stepping stone for creating that sales funnel. When you are done with research & have the keywords handy, you put your Search Engine Optimization techniques to use. 

Content Marketing through blogs is also about gaining credibility in your industry. Now for those who are new to the business, strategic blogs catering to know-how’s of your business can level up your game in the industry.

Information pours from almost all directions, but right information leads the customer to the right direction. Blogs are a great source of creating a step by step purchase funnel for your customers. Once they reach the end of the funnel there is no stopping them from a conversion click. The fact that you used no middleman, but words makes a blog, a successful salesman.

The end goal of any business is to convert the leads, but blogs serve a double fold benefit. Of which the most important is your database. Getting leads through your blogs, by getting customers to sign up, gives your business a spectrum of database best suitable to your needs. Only when a person signs up after reading your blog, you begin to gain that credibility. Once the credibility is accomplished, you strategize the content on your blog, to ensure maximum conversions. Moreover, the same database can be used to target the audience on social media platforms as well. After all, in the words of Bill Gates, “Content is King”, don’t miss out on this powerful aspect of your business growth. Get a blog now!

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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