Using Google Trends For Marketing

“Just Google it!” that’s what the world says, when in doubt. Google is indeed the go-to place for any kind of information & this information is not simply a plethora of words, it is the birthplace for marketing.  Serving the digital industry like a mother, Google is also a father to Google Trends, a website that analyses the popularity of top search queries on the search engine itself. It also allows the users to compare (between two or more terms) the relative search volume of searches over a period of time.

So with Google Trends, our content marketing strategies become easier & more relevant.  Let us see how Google Trends can be incorporated into our content marketing strategies for various contexts:

Keyword Traffic 

“Keyword” in any content is the fine breath of that body of content. It gives you an edge over others if your keywords are aptly used & built-in your content. Google Trends offers a relative comparison of various keywords & its traffic (usage) over the internet.

Historical Trends 

The keywords that your audience searches for on Google are available on Google Trends under the category of long & short period of time. There are two parameters of discovering the historical trend of your keywords, one being upward trend & other, the downward trend.  You can set the keyword traffic history going back up to five years to unlock the upward or downward growth of that keyword history & use the one which goes upward trending.

Social Media Content 

The eyes on social media screens are looking for “Newness” every minute. Once you have a short view insight through Google trends, which gives you 30- 90 days insight on trending keywords, you can incorporate those in your content strategies every day/ minute.  This will keep you in the limelight on the social front.

Industry-Specific Content

Whether you from F&B or the Entertainment Industry, finding a right publishing schedule is all about a hunch. Searches related to “Near Me” trend on Fridays & Saturdays & that is how you develop your content from Google Trend searches. Based on the results maximum searched for, depending on your industry one can curate content to cater to what the audience is looking for on a specific day.

Geographical/ Location-specific data

A fantastic perk of Google trends is its geographical data. Not only can you customize your content based on Google trend searches in a specific country, but you can also narrow down the search based on region & states to see what topics are trending on their searches. This feature is ideal for small businesses too, where the competition is lower & keywords are sieved for you based on the geographical preference of your business. 

Google Trends is the mother of all content marketing strategies for the internet. It is a real-time aid when you need quick & optimized results. If your content has Google trends as a partner, there is no stopping it from being the ripple effect of your industry!

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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