Website Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

The website of your business is a one-stop-shop of your small business online. You need to ensure that the customers are walking up to the shop through various marketing strategies & sources. But how do you ensure that? Here are a few sources through which your online shop can have maximum visitors:

1) Facebook 

Running small budget ads, with a strategic targeting can fetch you those walk-in customers to your website. Facebook ads have the option of precisely reaching out to your specific audience based on, gender, location, age, online purchase behaviour, income, etc.  Through these easy to create ads you can redirect the targeted audience directly to your website. Apart from simply running one ad, you can run a A/B testing ad to discover which set of audience (Set A/ Set B) work better for your business & save that audience as your permanent base.

2) Google Listing

Considered as one of the most powerful marketing strategy, listing your business on Google is a must-do. Through this listing, if your Google rating, Google+ profile, Google reviews, all fall into the top 3 ranks on Google, you as a business will be visible on the top of Google search. As and when someone (potential buyer) does an industry-specific search on Google, you will appear on the top 3 categories, right below the paid advertisements. Of course, depending on your ranking over time.

3) Content Marketing 

With the most lasting impact on buyers, through blogs, guest posts & participating in Q & A forums, you can mark your territory as a business online. This is a little time taking process, but using keyword-rich content & following basic SEO rules to create content on your website is THE way to begin with. If you are consistent in your content marketing strategies which are in line with SEO, you will see how the right customers directly walk into your website.

4) Emailers 

We all understand that emailers are a powerful medium to directly reach the “Inbox” of your customers. While we also understand that unnecessary mailers can often lead to Spam listing of your business. So once you have a decent database of your frequent customers on the website, ensure that you send out relevant mailers twice or thrice a month.  The mailers could be about new offers, new products or simply season greetings. Remember the more the Click-through rate on your emailer, the more the credibility of your business. Make your emailers irresistible & work on that subject line, like it’s your lifeline.

5) Organic Social Media

Since investing huge amount of budgets for marketing is not possible, so take a detour. Use Social platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live to reach out to your existing audience. Go Live while you are at work & give them a glimpse of your organic efforts both at work & on social. Using Facebook groups (Industry-specific) & promoting contests (Giveaways) are a great way to build that audience & get them to your website. Remember, when you communicate from an organic space, it gives you more credibility. So don’t forget the human touch!

Author: Samiksha Khanduri
Samiksha is a college educator and a professional writer. She has two books to her credit. With experience of working in the digital industry and having headed product development, Samiksha brings in the much needed insights for seekers.

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